We're making the (crypto) world a stable place, One block at a time
Replacing all traditional financial systems calls for a completely stable, all inclusive and 100% decentralized alternative. Here's how we're going to make it happen:
basic economics
Establishing multiple fiat currency-pegged stablecoins
utility maximization
Enabling you to provide liquidity, swap, and earn fees (effectively a tokenized FX trading platform)
playing bigger
Going multichain & Adding tools that will help earn interest and/or borrow against your assets
the dream
Going beyond currencies

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re-defining defi(by defying cefi)
Completely disconnected from CeFi, Blindex is a new breed of a DeFi platform:
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Fully Decentralized
We’re creating a truly decentralized coins: from the blockchain, all the way to the cloud infrastructure collateralized by BTC & ETH
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Multi Currency
Currency-blindness means we allow anyone on the planet to enjoy financial freedom, without the risk of exposure to FX fluctuations
We made sure it’s disconnected from centralized stables, so it can not be blacklisted, censored or otherwise affected by any centralized authority
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No more over collateralization
Using our stabilization mechanism less collateral is needed
Let's Defy CeFi together
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In case you were wondering
Mint, swap, invest (optional) and redeem ANY pegged currency.
All coins are partially Collateralized, Algorithmically Stabilized and Completely decentralized.
How do we keep our stables stable?
The Blindex mechanism is built on the basis of the powerful Frax protocol with a decentralized twist – we don’t use any centralized stables as the collateral. Only BTC & ETH (and other tokens in the future).

The stability is algorithmically achieved by the combination and constant adjustment of multiple factors, such as collateral, collateral ratio, buffer pricing, and market trust. At any point in time, BD-Stables can be Redeemed back into the underlying collateral based on the effective collateral ratio.
Click here to learn more.
What can I do with Blindex - Stablecoins?
You can stake your BD-Stables at any given moment and receive rewards for providing liquidity and helping the community.
You can also swap (buy and sell) in order to arbitrage on a specific coin, buy other crypto assets or use it for FX.
Once you’re done – you can redeem your collaterals/gains/coins back.
Visit our documentation to understand the bits and bytes of the different possibilities.
Do you really intend to create a stablecoin for each currency?
Yes – but it won’t happen overnight. We would start with few major currencies and add more as time goes by. That’s where the Blindex community comes in – every new currency would be added based on your feedback and votes. The more BDX tokens you’re holding/staking, the more powerful your vote will be. Click here to see the current list of currencies.
Which tokens can I use in order to mint Blindex stables?
In order to Mint Blindex stables, you can use a combination of BTC or ETH and BDX tokens. The exact ratio between the BDX token and the BTC or ETH depends on the collateral ratio that is presented at the time of the Mint.
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